This is one of the oldest remaining life saving stations.  These stations were equipped with line cannons and assisted in rescues of grounded ships stranded in storms. 
This building is currently located on the north end of the Takanassee Beach Club which is in threat of being razed for a residential development project.  
It doesn't have to be.  Fight to have this building preserved as a shore museum for our city, regardless of what may be constructed on the rest of the site. 

This is a rare view of the Hollywood Avenue Train Station  located off Brighton Avenue where the bank is today.  
This view is looking from Brighton Avenue south toward Hollywood Avenue.

This view of the Hollywood Train Station is from the intersection of Brighton Avenue and the tracks looking toward Foodtown.

This view of the Hollywood Train Station is looking from John Guire Co. toward the Foodtown parking lot.
 Postmark Dated November 6, 1906 from Florence, Italy.

This is Brighton Avenue looking west from what is today Ocean Avenue.  The only remaining building from this photo is the little gray store to the right where an antique dealer is today.  Dated March 12, 1907. 

This is Brighton Avenue looking west from what is today Ocean Avenue.

This is Brighton Avenue looking east from Second Avenue. You can see the old trolley tracks running down Second Avenue.

This view is looking northeast from where the entrance to the old West End theater is today.

One of my favorites.  A photo view from the Johnson's Club looking across the park down Brighton to the ocean long before the Takanassee was built as show below. 

Looking east, this image shows a rare view of the "Casino" at the boardwalk and Brighton Avenue as seen below.  The two buildings on the left still exist next to the ice cream shop today.

This is the Casino in West End located at the beach on the south side of Brighton Avenue.

This is the intersection of Cedar Avenue and Greens Avenue looking east. The card is dated May 19th, 1898 and was postmarked August 24th, 1900.

This is looking east down Cedar Avenue from the railroad tracks. Dated August 26th, 1908.

A rare view of the trolley tracks which were located where the alley next to Foodtown is today.  This view is looking south toward Cedar Avenue. To the right you can see the new train tracks where they remain today.  Dated October 7, 1907.

Looking west down Cedar Avenue from the railroad tracks.

This is Cedar Avenue and Hoey Avenue looking southeast.
(It used to be nice with trees.)

This is a rare original photo of the Hollywood Hotel located on the south side of Cedar Avenue just west of the railroad tracks.

Looking west on old Ocean Avenue near the boardwalk showing the West End Cottages on the left and The Takanassee Hotel on the right.

Looking south from the Takanassee Hotel showing the locations of the West End Cottages on the left, the Johnson Club on the right where the theater is today, and the Rothenberg Building behind where Ilvento's was.

The Johnson Club faced Ocean Avenue between West End Court and Brighton Avenue.  See its variations below.

The Russian Eagle in the building once called the Johnson Club.

The Rothenberg Building.

This is one of my favorites, dated 1904. This view is from the corner of what is now a gas station. On the block to the left you can see the back of the Johnson Club. In the distance you can see the top of the West End Cottages. The building to the right was the home of "Thomas Barham Heating and Tinning" at 651 Second Avenue where the "Second to None Salon" is today.  In the foreground you can see where the old trolley tracks turn off Second Avenue toward Foodtown which would be behind you from here.

Postmarked September 3rd, 1906, this is an older view of the intersection of Old Ocean Avenue and Brighton Avenue looking north.

This   Ocean Avenue looking north toward Brighton Avenue.  
Seen here from left to right is the Rothenberg Building, the Johnson's Club, the Tilford building, the Takanassee and the candy shop. 

This is Takanassee Lake, dated August 23, 1907.

 "Hollywood" The estate of John Hoey.

This is a view of the gardens of the Hoey Estate which was north of Cedar Avenue.

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