Images featuring a  GoldStar  have contemporary views available! 

Broadway looking Northwest toward the corner of Liberty Street.

Chelsea Avenue looking west at the Third Avenue intersection. 
Notice the original train track gates farther down the road at Fifth Avenue.

Brighton Avenue looking west across Ocean Avenue. 
The only survivor in this view is the little brown storefront with 2 second floor windows.

Brighton Avenue looking east across Second Avenue. 
The south side remains relatively unchanged as does the Kirsch & Son building on the left.

The Southwest corner of Brighton Avenue and Second Avenue.

Looking Northeast at West End Ct from Second Avenue. 
Notice to the left the Johnson's Club where the old theater is today and the rooftops of the West End Cottages at the end of Brighton at the beach.
Thomas Barham Heating and tinning features the grandfather of Chuck Barham, the owner of Barham Bros. Heating and Plumbing.
Above are the high voltage wires that powered the Trolley and the tracks in the street are still there today under the blacktop. 

These buildings have remained fairly unchanged at the north end of the Elberon train station parking lot.

Takanassee Lake looking East Northeast. Note the historic lifesaving stations on the beach.

The site of three historic life saving stations at the beach, east of Takanassee Lake. 
The one to the right is the oldest and is the site which led to the creation of the US Coast Guard.

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