This is the intersection of Ocean and Chelsea Avenues. Crammer's Baths is to the left, Chelsea Pool is center, and Columbia Baths is to the right of it... nothing in this image exists today.

Looking south, the Ocean Hotel is to the right and the pier is immediately to the left. This is the first of many structures you will see located at this site.  Dated August 6th, 1903.

This is first Casino structure on the corner of Ocean Avenue and South Broadway. The New Casino was built on the south end of the block.  To the left in this image you can see the newly erected Statue of President Garfield.

This is Ocean Avenue and North Broadway looking south.  Dated May 23, 1910.

This is looking south from North Broadway. This is titled "World's Finest Ocean Boulevard, Long Branch, NJ." Dated August 28th, 1928.  The reverse print reads "This improvement, made at a tremendous cost, affords motorists an unequalled ride for five miles along the ocean and amid beautiful mansions representing the homes of many of America's most wealthy families."

This is looking toward the pier from the front gardens of the Old Casino.  
This circular path can still be seen in most of the contemporary aerial views of this site.

Ocean Avenue looking north from Chelsea Avenue, Dated 1907.

Ocean Avenue near Chelsea, Dated August 21st, 1910. A Pavillion, but no new pier at this time.

Ocean Avenue near Chelsea, Dated July 8, 1908. Note pilings for the new pavillion on the beach.. but, no pier... the old one is gone.

This is the corner of Ocean and Chelsea Avenue looking northwest from the boardwalk.

Ocean Avenue just south of the pier.  Dated August 27, 1931.

Ocean Avenue and Chelsea Avenue. Dated July 3rd, 1930.

This is a view of the mini golf course on Ocean Avenue looking north toward Broadway in the early 1960's.

  A very old photo showing both the Hotel Vendome and the old Scarboro Hotel on the left. Dated June 5th, 1906.

The three landmark towers of the Howland Hotel, easily identified in this view of Ocean Avenue looking north.

Ocean Avenue looking north with the Hotel Panacci colored brown in this image.

This is the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Brighton Avenue looking southwest.   The Johnson's Club on the right was where the theater is, for the time being.  The Rothenberg Building on the block behind was located where Illvento's was.  This photo postcard is postmarked August 19th, 1907.

Ocean Avenue looking south toward Brighton Avenue.

The northwest corner of Ocean Avenue and North Lake Drive.

The Takanassee Bridge looking south.  Dated September 14, 1919.

Lincoln and Ocean Avenues, "Caution Motor Vehicles, Speed Limit 1 Mile in 5 Minutes."

Looking west from the intersection of Ocean and Atlantic Avenues. Notice the gates across the road for the railroad where Ocean Boulevard is today.
Below is the same view from the front lawn of the Seaside Hotel.


The Seaside Hotel on the beach at Atlantic and Ocean Avenues.  See it years later below.

Yeah I know, it's not Long Branch.. but it is a great shot though.. and I'm not going to be writing a Monmouth Beach page! Looking west from Ocean Avenue. Dated June 14th, 1909.

Looking west across the old railroad bridge... you can figure out from where!  In the image you can see the radio tower from where Marconi made the first trans-atlantic radio transmition .....e.


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